Here was have a part respray on a 88/89 Ferrari 328GTS for a local specialist who deals in the sourcing of Ferraris for customers.


Our main objective here was to eliminate as best as possible any rust or blemishes the car may have. Main problem spots on this sort of Ferrari are usually the rear quarters, the bottom of doors and the headlight pods. All of which this one was in for.

We started first and foremost on the rust, using specialist equipment to grind out all of the affected panels down to bare metal. Shortly after the rust spots are treated and ready to be primed.


All areas that have been worked on were then put into primer, before being left for 5-7 days for the primer to set and sink in. After being checked by our painter the primer is then blocked down, ready for paint.

Due to being a part-respray, any areas that did not need any bodywork will be masked off, and the areas painted will be rigorously colour matched before paint being applied. We find part-resprays are much more cost effective for customers.

A full respray is only really suggestable if more than 70/80% of the panels need repair work done, if a car is undergoing a full restoration, or if of course a change of car colour is being applied. Some people also like having a full respray done on your classic car, so any future paintwork can be deterred by eliminating possible problems early.


The car was then sanded and machine polished on any painted areas, and also any areas that are significantly close to the freshly painted panels.

Finally any mastic that needed replacing was done around the windscreen, and the black ‘stripe’ in the grooves of both doors were painted with a satin black.