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Paintless Dent Removal (where possible)

Dents are unwanted and to be frank, a pain in the backside. They reduce the aesthetics of your car and will also bring down its value if you are looking to sell. That is why we provide cost effective dent repair services; we recognise that every dent is different so our versatile repair services cater for any dent.

For smaller dents, we aim for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) so that we can restore your vehicle back to its original state without the need of a part respray. However, with some larger dents we may need to respray your vehicle entirely to get it back to looking as good as new

Minor Dent Removal

We also deal with any minor dents that your car has sustained. With these smaller dents, we are able to restore the car back to its original state. We will always do our best to keep your costs down and your vehicle looking pristine. If you would like to see some previous examples they can be found on our gallery.

Our minor dent removals are usually cheaper than our other dent removal techniques; however, other options may have to be considered if the dent is significantly larger. This can be assessed on the day of the repair and we will always be up front as to the potential cost of repairs.







How we carry out our dent repair services

Our dent repair services start with pin welding and a slide hammer to ‘pull out’ the dent. Metal pins are welded onto the panel and a large metal tool is pulled back and forth exerting force onto the bar to pull the panel out.

To finish off the dent repair, the panel would then have the pins removed, usually stripped back to metal and a filler is applied (if needed). We generally only use a few millimeters as the maximum. It is then primed, painted and lacquered ensuring that we blend the new paint with neighboring panels for a great paint finish. Our dent repairs are made to last.

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